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What is the Problem?

The world’s population is set to reach 10 Billion individuals by 2050.
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Increase in global food production needed

by 2050

Population growth and changes in living standards, especially in developing countries, are leading to a massive increase in global food demand. 


Tons of proteins set to be missing

by 2030

These additional proteins are needed especially in feed for chickens, fish and pigs. Meeting this additional demand is not possible with conventional methods, such as growing more soy or increasing fishing, without significant ecological damage.

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...of the European protein-rich crop supply is imported


Currently, 70% of the proteins consumed by Europe’s farms, such as soya and fish meal, are imported. This is critical not only from an ecological point of view.


Insect Farming

Upcycle domestic grain by-products through local insect farming.

Empowering farmers through insect farming


Our mission is to make the complex insect farming a mainstream feed production, installed closer to its demand.

Changing the feed system


Insect based proteins and oils can successfully replace current unsustainable feed sources (Soy, Fish meal) without entering in competition with food productions.

High quality proteins
for feed


Insects, like mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor) are amongst the most efficient organisms when it comes to convert food by-products into highly digestible feed. Compared with a Kg of beef, farming a Kg of mealworm requires: 5x less food, 14x less water, 5x less land.


Products and Services

By decentralizing the farming of Mealworms between a network of partner farmers, high quality proteins  can be produced and transformed closer to food by-products sources and closer to clients. This proximity allows us to increase the sustainable aspect of our products as well as making the supply of farmed insects more flexible:


Mealworm Meal

High Protein Content

The mealworm meal produced by NERTUS is a highly digestible, high quality protein rich powder (>60%) suitable to replace the current sources of animal protein.


Living Mealworms

High Quality Feed For Animals

Living Mealworms can be used as a highly nutritius feed for birds, reptiles, rodents or other animals.

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i-45 Module

automated rearing

Our autonomous farming module is monitored by an individual and can be installed in existing buildings. Our technology reduces the complexity of insect farming while including farmers in this new industry.

The Crew

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with strong skills in engineering, biology and business administration.

Leo Flohr

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Alexander Bexter

Chief Biologist

Felix Ott

Chief Technical Officer

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